Encore likes to boss around

Another quirk of Encore (this time on the PC) is that if you run it on Windows 7 (and perhaps on Vista as well, but I haven’t checked), and you try to build an ISO file for dual-layer disc, you’ll invariably get a mysterious “access denied” error.

Workaround is running the program as an administrator, then everything will be fine. From security standpoint it’s a bug. When you know the workaround, it’s a glitch, but when you don’t know it, then it can be a real PITA.

Very often trying to make sense from error messages in Encore is an impossible task. Encore is just a GUI for separate Scenarist modules that are routinely awful at communicating with each other, and very fond of throwing cryptic messages, that probably even the programmers themselves don’t really understand.

That said, I like the interface, even though it is quite buggy and has surprised me numerous times with projects that can’t be built and have to be created from scratch right before the deadline. It’s good that CS5 version finally has the “locate transcoded file” option added.


About Bart Walczak

I'm a video editor, and an aspiring colorist and VFX artist, with some experience in desktop publishing, web development and programming.
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