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Maintenance can be creative work as well

Up until recently I had not realized this simple truth: things do decay, and to maintain their functionality one has to expend energy, sacrifice time and put an actual effort into it. I think this is one of these fundamental … Continue reading

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Three (or more) ways to make a vignette in Premiere Pro

UPDATE: I wrote a plugin that will allow you to make your own vignette in a more convenient manner. It’s still not ideal due to some limitations of After Effects SDK in Premiere Pro, but you can download it on … Continue reading

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New name? You bet!

Complaining is relatively easy and deeply ingrained in the culture of the country that I come from. I admit that a few entries on this blog are the result of my frustration with software that is almost “good enough” or … Continue reading

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Blackmagic output revisited

I’ve already written¬†a few times about the problems with Blackmagic export to DV, and after even more exploration I must say, that it is even more broken, than I previously thought. It turns out that the DV footage is also … Continue reading

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Premiere Pro positive

Some of you might wonder why do I keep complaining about Premiere Pro, and not move to some “more professional” software like FCP or Avid. It so happens that there is a number of features that Premiere Pro has, which … Continue reading

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