Adobe and Avid must be very happy

Apple did launch a new program called Final Cut Pro X. It is not an update of a Final Cut Pro. It is a completely new application with supposedly new paradigm of editing. However I’m not going to write here much about the program itself. I have not used it, and unless the circumstances force me to do it, I don’t intend to.

Judging from various responses on forums like Creative Cow, DVInfo and RedUser, the professionals who require collaborative workflows are hugely disappointed by the limitations of the beta version that Apple decided to sell for $299. No EDL/XML/OMF import or export, no importing of projects from previous versions of FCP, no video monitoring, no tape ingest except Firewire, etc., etc. Reviews on AppStore tell it all – either fives or ones. Community is definitely divided over this release. Apple certainly did stir controversy, although judging from their damage control mode, this is not exactly what they had in mind.

A number of people have already decided to either “go back to Avid” or to try out other options, of which Premiere is one of the more often mentioned. It makes me happy in a way, and it also makes me sad. On one hand it’s nice to see that professionals decided to try out my favorite editing application (most seem to find it quite satisfying), and on the other it is sad to see the hubris of Apple killing excellent coloring tool, similarly like they killed Shake a few years ago. Or even worse, because Shake had 2 years of support after it was officially EOLed, while Color has disappeared immediately upon this release. Sad.

Also, I wonder what will Adobe be aspiring to now, once the main competitor is gone? Perhaps there are some features from FCPX that could be integrated into the application, like tags and keywords for media management, better scopes, compound clips, “audition” – versioning of edits with different time span. Or perhaps FCPX is indeed a totally new paradigm, even though Vegas users tend to disagree. Perhaps Color Correction interface could be streamlined, like in Avid for example. Perhaps some kind of collaboration database like Unity could be created, which would not fail repeatedly like the silently withdrawn Version Cue, which was a good concept but poor execution?

Certainly there is constantly place for improvement, and I am curious what CS6 will bring us next year. As of now, Adobe must be really happy to see that pros are taking even more interest in their much under appreciated application, and Avid must be really glad to have some of their users back. It is a time of uncertainty, but certainly time of opportunity for the brave.

And this actually is exciting.


About Bart Walczak

I'm a video editor, and an aspiring colorist and VFX artist, with some experience in desktop publishing, web development and programming.
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2 Responses to Adobe and Avid must be very happy

  1. Bogdan says:

    I feel the same way like you about Premiere; it’s like a friend and it come the time for him to shine; It was very little known, ignored, it’s a great guy, have a huge potential and it integrates a lot of up-to-date technologies, not to mention the unbelievable integration with After Effects and Photoshop.The pressure is now on Adobe, now it’s their chance to make Premiere mainstream.
    Great article, I hope you’ll write more often on your blog 🙂

  2. Bart Walczak says:

    Thanks. I hope to write more often as well, but more often than not the real life catches up, and other things become urgently important, eating the time and creativity necessary for this task.

    What I find really promising is that even if Apple does fix FCP to the point that it becomes useful for serious production, this brief moment of panic will make the hesitant people at least try out PPro, and see what they are missing. Most of them already have it in the Production Suite alongside After Effects and Photoshop, it is just that they never felt compelled to use it. Now is the time. Apple did provide a window of opportunity for Adobe, and we’ll see how many people will jump ship, and if the influence of PPro will grow.

    I remain hopeful 🙂

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