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Exporting FCP XML from Premiere is a dead end

To give credit where one is due, the creators of Final Cut Pro did create one of the more popular standards of exchanging the project information, alongside the old EDL, and Avid’s AAF and OMF. Exporting XML from FCP was … Continue reading

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Premiere CS 5.5 is very slick

My editing station at home is rather old – dual core E6600, 4 GB of RAM and Matrox APVe graphic card with no 3D acceleration. It is hardly a setup that inspires confidence that any more serious work except basic … Continue reading

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Adobe and Avid must be very happy

Apple did launch a new program called Final Cut Pro X. It is not an update of a Final Cut Pro. It is a completely new application with supposedly new paradigm of editing. However I’m not going to write here much … Continue reading

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Premiere Pro positive

Some of you might wonder why do I keep complaining about Premiere Pro, and not move to some “more professional” software like FCP or Avid. It so happens that there is a number of features that Premiere Pro has, which … Continue reading

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